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Indistinguishable From Magic

...any sufficiently advanced technology...

J. L. Milius
18 August
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This is a public writing journal for bamftastik. For to make posting of my inanity.

Fanfiction of a similarly dark and fantastical bent can be found at ficswhatgobamf.

More rambles, influences, etc at THE INTRO POST.

In most fantasy stories, you have a clash between unblemished good and irredeemable evil, but how often do we see this in the real world? Everyone has a perspective and most action and reaction has its roots firmly in the subjective. Of course, there are interesting stories to be told when good clashes against evil. What of those caught in between? What of normal men and women? Such stories are epic.

But what happens when you remove this sense of absolutism? What if there is no guiding hand, no single moral imperative? What if our heroes must fumble in the dark as we do, battling not only beasts and warriors, but with our ever-malleable sense of self, with changing ideas about the world and their place in it? Would they not come out stronger for it in the end? And why am I asking so many questions?

Grand events will shape the world as they always do. Sword will meet spear and deeds may be called magic, but there are no gods and monsters but what we make of ourselves. As more is revealed, less becomes certain and it is this truly human perspective that ever casts its shadow on the weaving of the tale.

Current Projects:
Beyond the Vale
After the Fall - Sequel to above, trending more openly toward sci-fi
Over the Edge(?)- Book 3
Unnamed 4th Book in Series - it'll probably just keep going but that's all I have plotted so far
"Terminus" - short story on death and technology
"The Hand" - stupid working title, a look at planetary evolution from an unusual perspective
"A.L.I.C.E." - another working title, NaNoWriMo '09
"Sympathy" - wt, short story about "the devil"
Unnamed story about virtual reality
Unnamed story about the subjectivity of time
Unnamed farce about werewolves on mood stabilizers (everyone's gotta have a bit o' trendy)
A very inane attempt at a screenplay, sort of a romantic geekomedy (this list is just getting shameful!)