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What HAVE you been doing with yourself? - Indistinguishable From Magic
...any sufficiently advanced technology...
What HAVE you been doing with yourself?
It was pointed out to me that, despite writing like a maddened thing, I haven't been posting anything to the "writing journal."

Shame perhaps? Recent discovery of fanfic causing me to hang my head? (Some of the titles alone merit flogging.)

It is nice to actually have people EAGER to read your work, though. Also nice to be able to finish something in a single sitting. And then there are the BOUNDARIES: development within a framework and not really being allowed to run away with the plot. Practice, practice, practice.

Yes, I've admittedly flipped out over a video game, but at least it's in my genre of choice. Am ACHING for my own characters, though. Was going to post something original (hey, look I AM being productive!) but perfectionist editor brain woke up and I'm just too tired to try and pick out a passage tonight.

A few more bits to type and I should have a massive editing copy of the second book to scribble upon. Also, need to do the same with the NaNo and finish this query letter for the first book.

Am slacking. By writing.
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