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After the Fall - Love - Indistinguishable From Magic
...any sufficiently advanced technology...
After the Fall - Love
An underground battle rages and our druid-esque hero is huddled to the side, doing his part to direct the flows of earth and magic. In walks the girl.

She came like light over the rocks. He had been lost to it, the earth, the close air, each tumbling spray of movement coming to him in electric shudders. Life perhaps it was, the currents of the world, but she sliced them through, a rising sun in a room of candles. It slipped away, the connecting threads unraveling, his concentration lost. And yet she was there, lithe and coiled even beneath her cool mask of death and filth. It blazed in her beyond any other, lighting her eyes even in the dim. The currents did not so much slip as swell, as if all that he had felt was drawn away, coalescing in her. Here was a vision of life itself.


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